Amir Teimur in the anectodes and legends of Azerbaijan


Ali Shamil[1]


Amir Teimur is mentioned with the epithets of Amir Teimur, Teimur Lang, LameTeimur and mostly talked about his cruelty and persecution when he occupied the cities. The Azerbaijani authors describe Amir Teimur like a cruel leader under the influence of Russian and European historians on last 200 years.   Despite all these propagandas Amir Teimur introduced like a wise, humanitarian, true, sensitive human by the people.  

Despite the progress of historiography and folklore studies still was not explain that: How were the legends and anecdotes about Amir Teimur arose, which sources were used by annalists.   

There are some legends about the visit of Amir Teimur to holy place of Saphavis in Ardabil and meeting with Haphiz. Despite the theme of legends, arenot different with each other, but there are some variants of these texts. The theme about the meeting of Amir Teimur with MollaNasreddin, is used widely. 

What is the reason of sincerity, sympathy of people to Amir Teimur despite, he was described as a cruel, ruthless leader in annals, and written sources? Unfortunately, there is no answer to it as the anecdotes and legends about Amir Teimurweren’t published and investigated.

It will be analyzed the anecdotes and legends about the Amir Teimur and will be seeked the reason of attitude of people to Amir Teimur.

Key words: Amir Teimur, cruelity, sympathy of people, legends, anecdotes.

Çap olundu: Amir Teimur in the anectodes and legends of Azerbaijan, Temuriylar davrida ilm-fan ve madaniyat (Science and culture in the Temurid era) xalkaro ilmiy konferentsiya tezislari, 13-14 sentyabr 2017, səh.114.




[1]Ali Shamil – The chief of the Department of International Relationships of Folklore Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

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